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If I viewed adverts I am guaranteed that I would see almost everything all-around ‘New Year, New Me’. It is something that arrives with the flip of each and every calendar and will by no means go absent. Resolutions are not my bag (as you may know from more mature posts) but ‘New 12 months, Similar Me’ I can actually rock!

Why no resolutions?

Though I have almost nothing against any person environment themselves some intentions or objectives for the 12 months, I personally do not feel like I have to do it on the to start with of January. It is so effortless to see the new yr as a clean up slate. As an prospect to recreate on your own, or make up for all the (so-identified as) flaws you spotted in by yourself very last yr. Hey, I get it, it’s wonderful to have anything to function to, but including a lose load of points to your lifetime commencing in the new year seems a minor counterintuitive to me.

Resolutions seem to be about incorporating things to your lifestyle instead than having them away. You really do not hear of a lot of men and women including ‘Giving up ironing’ to their lists, but this is one thing I did a handful of decades back and I have by no means seemed back again. It wasn’t a new year’s resolution, but it was a resolution all the same.

To me, resolutions come when you need them. One thing clicks and you really feel the time is appropriate to make a improve. You have a improve of heart on a thing and everything slots into spot. Trying to power a adjust on yourself generally finishes in failure as you’re just not completely ready for it. Plus, let’s face it, numerous of these factors we add are ‘shoulds’ which we choose up from other sites and men and women. Not ‘wills’ which arrive from our extremely being.

January initial is just an additional day to me. Yeah, I have a custom where by I take in burgers on that day, but if not, I go about my usual existence (a daily life, I am happy to say I am pleased with due to the fact of the variations I the natural way designed the calendar year in advance of). So resolutions are not a factor for me. I will incorporate points, get things absent and make variations as I truly feel they need to have to and from time to time when they have to (like when my operate contract ended very last calendar year during a pandemic!)

2021: Identical hat, same glasses, very same buff, identical coat…same Jit! 😉

What do I do as a substitute?

Perfectly, nothing! Very little straight away, anyway. If anything will come up and I will need to believe about change, then I will do it then. Like using on the C25K on the 15th November. I experienced equally the need to have and they want to make it materialize (I am in my ultimate week of the programme, by the way, getting ongoing to operate by Xmas)

I come across that I am additional most likely to do a little something when it is the right time and arrives immediately from me. A hurdle I require to triumph over is a good catalyst for me to decide on a alter of way.

New 12 months, Same Me

So with all my musings, I guess what I am declaring is that I go into the new yr as me. New Calendar year, Same Me. I’m not likely to be piling on a thick layer of additional points to do each and every working day for the up coming 365 times. Nor will I be putting tension on myself to become a person I’m not, or not all set to be. I will stride into January thrilled to see what arrives and curious about where my journey will get me this year.

Regardless of whether your goal of January is to insert a good deal of issues to your lifetime or just take them away. Or you’re like me and want to see how points participate in out whilst you take pleasure in the experience. I want to would like you all a quite content (if belated!) New Yr!

I hope you make it a yr to recall!