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As a result of the autumn and winter months, I have a jacket for every single eventuality. If it’s pouring down with rain, I’ve received at least a few different waterproof jackets that I can rely on. If it is snowing, I’ve bought a couple of insulated jackets that I can transform to. If it’s windy and cold, I have bought just the jacket for that much too.

It’s an old joke that husbands make about the quantity of pairs of shoes that their wives very own, but in my dwelling, it’s my wife creating digs about the variety of jackets that I personal. In fact, the wall-mounted coat rack by my front door as soon as fell off and pulled large screws and a significant chunk of plaster with it, owing to the fat from my excess of jackets. It’s a little bit of a issue and I retain promising myself that I’m likely to grow to be a minimalist one particular of these days…

Regardless of all of that, when it will come to jackets for the warmer months, I have often struggled and I by no means feel to have a suited jacket. (Cue the eye roll from my spouse).

In spring you could possibly commence a stroll with a layer of frost on the floor, but by mid-morning the temperature has shot up to the mid-teens. Similarly, you may well start out a hike under distinct blue skies and then 50 percent an hour later be caught in a sudden downpour. Through the summer time months, you might be perspiring your way up a mountain in shorts and a t-shirt only to arrive at the leading of a ridge and be strike by a freezing cold wind from the other aspect.

There’s incredibly tiny in the way of consistency to our temperature listed here in the British isles, and discovering a jacket versatile enough to offer with people circumstances has generally been unachievable for me. Until finally now.

Enter the Fjallraven Abisko Lite Trekking jacket a jacket so great at dealing with these circumstances it is practically a contradiction to by itself. It is a jacket that retains me heat and interesting, dry from the outdoors and the within, and retains the wind out and is also ventilated. It’s so superior I may well not have to have a different jacket for years…


  • Resilient, wind- and h2o-resistant G-1000 Lite Eco.
  • Ventilating sections in extend material more than the again and less than the arms.
  • Spacious hand pockets with zippers.
  • Adjustable hood.
  • Velcro changes at the cuffs and drawcord at the hem.

Fjallraven Abisko Lite Jacket Assessment

The Abisko Lite jacket is created with Fjallraven’s G-1000 cloth and it has to be reported that it’s outstanding stuff. The jacket feels incredibly lightweight but also rough and long lasting. I’ve experienced light-weight summertime jackets in the previous that have fallen apart at the very first scuff on a rock during a scramble. Which is just not likely to happen with this jacket and you instantly get a feeling that this jacket is heading to previous you a fantastic number of years.

It demands to last you a very good handful of a long time as well. The Fjallraven Abisko Lite jacket isn’t inexpensive at £245 so you need to have that peace of mind to know that you’re investing your dollars into some thing that will see loads of use and survive anything thrown at it on a standard hike. It is heading to be scuffed on rocks, snagged on fences, stuffed into backpacks, sat on in the mud, thrown on in downpours, soaked in sweat, and applied as a pillow in a bivvy. Soon after all, this isn’t a jacket for putting on to pop to the shops in.

My first impressions inform me that this jacket is going to endure all of that and then some extra.

The Fjallraven Abisko Lite Jacket is readily available in black, orange and olive

I’ve been on really a couple of walks in this jacket now, and have examined it in a wide range of weathers and temperatures. The simple fact that I now just instinctively get this jacket without having giving considerably imagined to the weather conditions, tells me fairly a large amount about how superior it is. On a cold morning this jacket will zip appropriate up to the neck and continue to keep any chilly wind out even though you get begun and warm up, but equally, on a hotter working day, the substantial underarm zips make it possible for loads of airflow to retain you awesome.

I’m typically the type of human being that is eternally halting to consider levels off or put layers back on while I’m out mountaineering, but for the the vast majority of the time this jacket stays on. Someway, this jacket looks to strike a great harmony in between keeping warm and holding awesome.

The G-1000 fabric will in a natural way give you some protection from the rain, but as with all of Fjallraven’s G-1000 goods, it can be customised using Greenland Wax. Effectively, if you want this jacket to be far more h2o-resistant, you can implement a layer of wax to it. Personally, I haven’t felt the have to have to do this and I count on that the a lot more wax you use the significantly less breathable the jacket becomes, so for now, I am pleased to use it as it is, but it is a fantastic alternative for the long run must I choose that I have to have to include one more layer of defense.

The Base Line

If, like me, you’ve been searching for that a person jacket that can very a great deal do it all involving March and October, then this is the a person.

£245 is a big price tag and that will inevitably put many people off. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a ‘do it all’ jacket that is likely to final you for 12 months and yrs, this could be viewed as a excellent financial investment.

It keeps you warm on all those chilly spring and summer mornings, but awesome when the solar lastly will come out. It will give you safety from individuals sudden downpours and even far more defense if you use the wax to it. And it’s resilient enough to endure your adventures.

It’s my new favourite jacket and if Fjallraven make a winter equal I might be able to distinct my coat rack and just have a single jacket for wintertime and one for summer season. Maybe.