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AD – It is no secret that I love Christmas and the lights that fill our streets during the festive period. I have always admired Christmas at Dunham Massey with their light trail, so was delighted to be invited along this year on the opening night!

Dunham Massey Lights Trail

While Christmas at Dunham Massey has always been a lovely time, the addition of the mile-long lights trail has added that extra sprinkle of magic!

With the opening evening on a Thursday evening, I was excited for it as a nice mid-week treat. There’s nothing like shaking things up with something different to fill the dark evenings in autumn. And Christmas at Dunham Massey certainly fit the bill!

The Glow Guiding the Way

From the moment we arrived at Dunham Massey, we could see the glow the lights scattered through the park. The visitor centre was lit up to welcome us to the show. Little did we know how many lights there would be to lead us to the main event.

While it might not have been cold enough for that full Christmas vibe, the lights and music made up for it with the festive spirit. It was lovely to hear the laughing and excited chattering of everyone making their way through the winding walkways. Selfies being taken. Stories being shared and families together for the start of the season. Even without the lights, this was a lovely thing to feel after the last 18 months we have had.

The Christmas Market Smells

It is amazing how the smell of something can evoke such great memories and enhance an experience. We might have been where we were for the Christmas at Dunham Massey light show, but the smell of the market transported me to the bustle of European Markets – but without the dense crowds! We might not have bought anything, but it did remind us to drink our flask of mulled wine to get in the swing of things and to warm our hands.

A Spectacular Welcome!

I was definitely not expecting the lights spectacular that we were greeted with.

The whole of the house and entrance was lit up with moving projections dancing to the music! If Christmas could roll into one small experience, then this was it! It certainly increased my anticipation for what was to follow with starting on such a high!

They didn’t disappoint! One of my favourite parts of the Dunham Massey garden is the area planted densely with silver birch. To see it glowing in blue with balls of sparkling white lights at the base was a great surprise! While you might think it would be eerie with trees glowing blue, it actually felt like a Christmas card that I could walkthrough.

From Blue to Red

Red love heart arches led us further into the garden. It was an incredibly popular place for selfies and family photos, and you can see why. We followed the nature trail of sculpted birds through the plants to the hearts in the distance. A warming glow, which brought that feeling of sitting by a fire.

Glitter and Lights

As I type this, I am reminded about how many of the displays I loved. From one favourite to the next and onto another one! Each glittering, glowing and sparkling in a different way and highlighting the garden and features around it. I absolutely loved the glittery snowflakes. Nestled into the planting, shining droplets of light onto everything around them, it was like the fairy lights on your tree with the tinsel. Only outdoors and on a giant scale!

A Taste of Normal Christmas

As well as the wonderful light show and vibe buzzing around each exhibit, it was nice to get a taste of normal Christmas. Families together, enjoying the outdoors and the festive show. There were points along the route to stop for a snack or a drink, giving everyone time to pause and take in the evening.

I really enjoyed how the stopping points were within the displays so you could stay awhile, drink something warm and enjoy the show with a break. With the well-laid paths, it is great for all the family too. I reckon I will bring my Mum and sister along next time

150 Roses

If you have ever visited Dunham Massey garden, you will know that one of the new additions is the rose garden. It is establishing well, but with the addition of 150 lit up roses, it is really quite the show!

Another of my many favourite parts of the light trail, the roses changed colour with the music and filled the garden with a bed of soft light. I seem to have taken an abundance of videos in this section as the photos just didn’t do them justice!

Harry Potter vibe

I have seen there there is a Harry Potter themed display of lights at Arley Hall, but I felt like we had the experience with Christmas at Dunham Massey when we walked through the floating lanterns. Fire flickering between the lit up lanterns going on for what seems like eternity. It was glorious with the blue backdrop and definitely felt Harry Potter-esque to me.

A Magical Christmas Experience

It is so challenging to share the magic of Christmas at Dunham Massey through the simplicity of words and pictures. Even videos wouldn’t give you that warm festive feeling that wandering the paths through the lights brings.

I know there is a lot of light shows on at this time of the year, so choosing the one or two that you will visit can be tough going. I would highly recommend the Christmas at Dunham Massey for the variety and combination with the beautiful garden setting.

I also wrote about it in Dutch on My Little Dutch Blog if you fancy reading it in Dutch! 😉

Find out more by visiting the Christmas at Dunham Massey website.

Have you experienced Christmas at Dunham Massey?
What was your favourite things about it?
Would you recommend any of the other light shows in the area?
Let me know in the comments.

Disclosure: The Christmas at Dunham Massey experience was gifted in return for a review. All photos, comments and opinions are completely mine.